During my enforced month long broadband fast I watched a few movies, one which has been on my “to watch list” for a while. It’s called The Cove

What I saw has really bothered me and I’m need to do something about it but I struggle through my life on a good day at the moment. What I can do to help any cause would be optimistically described as “limited”. What I can do is tell you The Cove is worth a couple of hours of your time and help spread the word.

The Cove is about dolphins, specifically dolphins passing a remote area Japan called Taiji. What I saw was fisherman disrupt the path of migrating dolphins driving them into a cove and sealing the cove with nets. I saw Dolphin trainers from all over the world choose Dolphins to be flown to aquariums, theme parks, swim with programmes etc. Then I saw the unselected Dolphins herded around to the next door cove where they were slaughtered, stabbed to death by fishermen. Their bodies gathered and their toxic mercury laden meat sold for human consumption.ย  This has horrofic implications. Over 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are slaughtered annual in Taiji. TWENTY-THREE-THOUSAND!

This annual slaughter begins in September and continues through until March. Whilst we go back to school in September the fishermen of Taiji go back to their horrific business. The annual dolphin hunt is scheduled to start on 1st September 2011. The Cove – have you seen it? Will you watch it, please?

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