Today has been a bit good and a bit rubbish. Most of my days are like this at the moment it feels. Unfortunately the rubbish bits seem to dominate and I feel like most days are rubbish. I want, no, I need to remind myself there’s good parts in most days. Here’s today:

Had pedicure at pals last night so woke with lovely new toes this morning – good! Had a few too many vino’s woke with headache – rubbish! Miners being rescued – good! Mr L at home, had small “lie in” (does 8:15am qualify?) – good & rubbish!

Went to music classes – good! Baby G had Happy Birthday sang for her – good! Lil H trapped his finger in folding chair – rubbish!

Went to new soft play, Head over Heels – good! Parking – Rubbish! Met up with some lovely friends – good! Saw acquaintance who got right on my mammaries shall we say, never to be friends not even on Facebook – Rubbish! Had a difference of parenting opinion with another mother – rubbish. Left Baby G’s favourite sippy cup at soft play – Rubbish. Realised Mr L had driven off with my car key – rubbish! Then realised my house keys are in the car – RUBBISH! My parents not at home, Mum not answering mobile, Dad not answering his mobile – rubbish! Return to soft play whilst Mr drives back from Birmingham – rubbish!

Extra time in soft play – good. Reunited with Baby G’s sippy cup – good. Got some extra time with a pal I don’t get to hang out with often enough – good! Had tea at Head over Heels – good. Shattered children asleep by 7pm – good. Two blog posts in one day – good.

So why if you ask me “did you have a good day?” would I say “no, it was rubbish!”. What’s that all about?! Let me know your thoughts…