Having a computer in the home that the kids can use is essential to help them develop computer skills from a young age. It’s not too difficult to walk into a local computer store and pick something suitable out of the range, but there are other things you should consider too. Let’s have a quick look at a few of them.

Should You Get a Laptop or a Desktop?

Choosing a laptop here might at first seem like the obvious choice, but it isn’t that simple. A desktop computer isn’t very portable, but it can be cheaper and can have better graphics performance according to this article on Lenovo.com. A laptop, on the other hand, offers the portability for kids to work on their schoolwork in their own space.

The big advantage of a desktop computer for the family is that they are less prone to accidental damage by dropping and a spilt drink is likely to only destroy the keyboard and not the whole computer. So, in general for younger kids, a desktop computer is a safer choice. Teenagers, however, are likely at or reaching an age where they’ll want their own computer, so a laptop is probably a better option, especially considering that they take up much less space, and can be taken to school if they need to be.

Install the Right Software

The family computer is likely going to be used for a variety of things, like schoolwork or learning and education, so having the right software on it is a must. You’ll almost certainly want to install Microsoft Office, but there are other pieces of software you’ll want too. Have a look at a list of the most important software for kids – a lot of it is free or costs very little, and it will infinitely increase the usefulness of the computer.

Find a Place to Put It

If you have a spare room, then converting it into a workspace might be a good idea. It can double up as your home office if you work remotely and it’s free from the noise of the home if your kids need quiet to concentrate on their work. Get a sturdy desk that’s big enough for whichever type of computer you’ve selected, and make sure no wires are dangling where they might be tripped over or pulled as this can cause damage. Get a comfortable and supportive chair for the computer too, because your kids are probably going to be spending a lot of time in front of the screen.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

You’ll want to make sure you pick up some accessories that are vital to a good multimedia family computer. At a minimum, you want a nice set of speakers and a good, affordable printer to print all those school assignments. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse set won’t go amiss either.

There we have it – a few quick and easy things you need to do when it comes to buying a family computer. Your kids are sure to be excited when you bring it home and set it up!