Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. If you’re hoping for an exciting city break, it should be high up your list. The city has the best of both worlds: it contains a rich culture and history for those trips during the day, but it also has a lively, vibrant nightlife too. Below, we explore why you should choose Edinburgh for your city break.


Edinburgh’s history stretches further back than you might think. The castle itself is built on top of a 700-million-year-old extinct volcano called castle rock! Beyond this, though, the city has a rich, textured history. At the Scottish National Galleries you can witness portraits of the most important figures in Scottish history, while the Edinburgh dungeons can provide a darker illustration of capital’s history. Even if you don’t want a specific day out, simply walking around the old town can offer a historic atmosphere.

Vibrant night life

Edinburgh, at the same time, has a lively nightlife. Once darkness falls, the city is buzzing with activity. From homely pubs to quirky bars for cocktails, and even busy clubs, Edinburgh has something for everything at night.

Quaint, historic streets

From its historic streets to the 11th century castle looming in the distance, Edinburgh just feels different to many other cities. There are plenty of narrow, winding side streets that make you feel as though you’re constantly discovering secrets about the city. Wherever you choose to stay in the city, you’ll always feel the presence of the castle close by too. 

Great shopping opportunities

Edinburgh has plenty of shopping opportunities too. For a start, the city has many busy high streets, packed with your favourite retailers all within close walking distance of each other. But there are some lovely independent shops too. These can take a little more exploring to find, or you could visit the Edinburgh Christmas market to find stalls and crafts.

Top Airbnbs

Edinburgh has a wonderful array of Airbnbs to choose from if you don’t fancy going for a hotel or a hostel. There are secret retreats all over the city, ensuring that the accommodation you pick can be an adventure in itself! Options include a quirky artist’s studio, as well as historic, Georgian apartments – complete with high ceilings and luxurious furniture. Wherever you choose to stay, you’ll feel like you’re sampling more of the city.

Edinburgh has something for everyone. For a start, it’s a truly beautiful city: but it also combines the nightlife, culture and history to satisfy everyone. Be sure to grab your train tickets and make the trip to Edinburgh to see for yourself!