I don’t know about you but I find Mr L one of the hardest people to find the perfect Christmas gifts for. I focus so much of time and money in the children’s presents gifts between ourselves are singular, we have “not bothered” in previous years but that feels pretty rubbish on Christmas day. So don’t struggle with gifts for him, here are some suggestions to leave for your guy under the tree this Christmas.

Christmas gift ideas for guys 2014

1. For music lovers or those who prefer the TV on louder than others! Bluetooth Wireless Headphones £44.75

2. Keep him looking and feeling his best with RE9 Advanced for Men:
Exfoliating Wash £25.00
Shave Gel £19.00
Post-Shave Balm £25.00
Facial Moisturiser SPF 20 £34.00
RE9 Advanced for Men set £89.00
I have recently become an independent Arbonne consultant. If you would like to know how to know more about the RE9 products or how to purchase at a discount then please contact me by email or on twitter @Cheshire_Claire

3. A book like no other from the man reinventing Star Wars – S. by JJ ABrams £20.40

4. The budding mixologist – Bar10erTen-in-One Bartending Cocktail Tool £35.21

5. Clockwise – Spikes and Sparrow Leather Wallet £42.75,  be spoilt for choice for mens pocket candy at walletking.co.uk
Bluetooth Tracking Device £22.49
MADE BY DAD awesome blueprints for making cool stuff £12.95
Slippers reinvented for the modern day, Mahabis £49.00

6. A family favourite in this house & a modern day essential for parties a Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick  £12.99

7. A weekend / travel bag from Cabin 1 will mean your Mr is ready for your next mini break £29.99

8. Playful and sporty gents btbgrooming.co.uk from £6.95

9. So much more than a pen it also comes with an inbuilt flat-head, a Phillips Screwdriver, a ruler, and a spirit level! Tech-Tool Pen £8.39

10. Make Bluetooth Speaker System £34.99

Last but by no means least, in fact it might just be my favourite, HUBSAN Q4 NANO QUADCOPTER an adorably tiny, lightweight helicopter for just £29.95


Do these ideas help you? What are you getting the man in your life this Christmas? Let me know your thoughts on a comment below!