Your child is much more proficient at fulfilling grown-up tasks than you may realize; however, with so much technology consuming their lives, you may be worried that they’re missing out on learning essential skills that are valuable for their development also how to cope in life. Children learn through socialization and obstacles that may come their way, but it is also down to parents to help them understand certain situations and how they can deal with it next time around.

Check out these five essential life and development skills that you could teach your children:

Understanding perspectives

Children find it hard to understand another person’s point of view – especially when they believe they’re in the right. However, as a parent, you can help them see different perspectives by reading books with the story’s moral. Ask questions based on how the characters may be feeling because of another character’s actions and how they may resolve the issue. In doing so, you’ll subconsciously be teaching your child to think more rationally and understand others’ perspectives.


You may never have considered the importance of teaching your child to sew. However, there are some key benefits to doing so. Learning a new skill such as sewing can greatly develop their confidence as a result of their accomplishment. What’s more, they’ll learn how to be patient – sewing is a skill that is developed with time and practice and the ability to follow instructions. To get stocked up on sewing supplies, Really Maria sells haberdashery, fabric, and craft kits to get started.

First aid and health

You can’t always be there when your child gets injured, so teaching them what to do if this were to occur ensures they can take care of themselves to a degree. Educating them on basic first aid tips will keep them safe and help them save the life of someone else. Aside from this, it would be wise to further education on the importance of good health and wellbeing and how they can keep themselves fit and healthy through diet and exercise.

Taking on challenges

All of us have to face situations that are out of our comfort zone but having an inner strength allows us to tackle challenges, dust ourselves off when we fail, and keep trying until we reach our goals. This is something your child should learn from a very young age. It’s important to create an environment in which they feel secure but being too protective can do more harm than good for their personal development. Inspire your child to try something new and step out of their comfort zone. In doing so, they’ll enhance their inner confidence and become more motivated to achieve their goals.

The laundry

Many teens head to university with no idea of how to do their own laundry. Therefore, it would be a good idea to teach them this skill from a very young age. Take them through the process step-by-step, from measuring and inserting the detergent to choose the correct settings to start the machine.