How long do you spend on your phone every day? Do you control your phone use or does your phone use control you? Have you ever considered that screen use may be damaging your eyes and sight?

Screen Time Rules For All

Being honest there are rules around screen time for my children but not for me or my husband. Our children regularly bemoan this unfairness. Our excuse is we aren’t watching YouTube we are keeping on top of our jobs and generally keeping life’s wheels on track!

When I look at my app usage social media platforms fill the top spots (I’d expect that as Social Media is my profession) followed by email and then messaging apps, Amazon is on the Top 10 as is the childish but therapeutic and totally addictive Candy Crush game!

I am aware this is not a great example and I do try to make an effort not to use my phone when I am with my kids, either I’m with them or I am on my phone, truthfully you can’t really do both. But then there’s photos – my phone camera is better than my digital camera and more portal than my DSLR … so there’s regularly a blurred line. Especially as I am terribly impatient and like to post and share immediately – note to self, it’s absolutely fine to share later – stay in the moment!

Summer holidays always include an annual trip to the opticians. This year’s visit saw 9yo Diva G acquire a prescription to ensure clear sight of the board at school, Mr H has 20/20 vision and told me although I still have 20/20 vision, I would benefit from glasses for screen use. I know this is true but am yet to make the appointment for the glasses, my worry is once I start using them my sight will deteriorate more and faster and I am trying to use screens less and be more disciplined about my screen time and not just that of my kids.

Overall I think my screen time report is:  Claire is easily distracted could do better!

The infographic below, created by Vizulize, looks at people’s phone habits to find out how much time they’re spending on their phone, why and the impact screen time is having on eye health, such as dryness or eye strain.