Our world is becoming more and more integrated by the day, borders are being erased and people are trading goods and services globally without thinking twice. This world of endless possibilities is powered by the internet and the phenomenon of e-commerce.

A few years ago it may have sounded like a daunting challenge to sell your products in the international market but the reality is that is doesn’t need to be complicated at all. It is now even possible to sell your products and services to international customers from the comfort of your own home, all thanks toΒ international ecommerce.

How can you leverage the power of e-commerce to sell your products across borders?

An e-commerce platform offers one of the simplest and most reliable methods of facilitating online trading. Platform developers like Shopify are constantly re-designing and improving their products to offer customers access to the latest technology and security features. Although the initial set-up procedure of a new e-commerce platform can take some time, it is rather easy and it can be done by almost anyone, with or without prior technical experience. Once the initial set-up procedures have been completed your business can start selling it’s products and services to international customers, thus opening up a myriad of new potential markets for you to develop and turn into sources of revenue.

Many companies and people associate international trade with big, well-established companies and as a result, smaller businesses tend to steer clear from this market segment. The truth is that it is a myth that selling internationally is just for big business. Although it may require diligent research and hard work, it is possible for any company to expand into the international market place with e-commerce and the right platform.

The costs associated with e-commerce is much lower when using an e-commerce platform instead of paying for expensive web development, which makes it possible for businesses as small as a sole proprietor to enter the market. One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce platforms is their ability to expand with your business. Most platforms are designed to grow with your business and they provide a modular approach that allows each business to choose the services or modules that they require at that particular point in time. When your business grows and experiences a need for additional modules they can be added easily and without the need to re-enter data or perform other complicated processes.

How are international payments processed with e-commerce platforms?

Most e-commerce platforms allow users to easily integrate with third-party payment gateways that provide the required infrastructure to process international and foreign currency payments. Since these payment gateways can fully integrate with your e-commerce platform payments can be accepted and processed easily and quickly. Another big advantage of using well-known payment gateways is the trust that they generate- customers are much more likely to support your e-commerce venture if they feel safe and secure.

With all these benefits, can you really afford to not use an international e-commerce platform?