Half term and the wardrobes are emptied. The clothes are sorted and the outgrown passed on to friends and dropped off with charity shops. Ahead of the shopping that follows this sort of clear out, I’ve had a look at what’s on trend for kids fashion for Spring/Summer 2016 and thought I’d share the low down, with the best round up and insight coming from Fashion Snoops:

Girl’s Trend Direction
For girls, there is a lot of floral and nature inspired prints. Animals remain a go to with underwater sea creatures including jellyfish, seahorses, coral and koi fish as both illustrated and photo prints are key themes.

Nature’s Lens

Nature’s Lens looks to the fine details and beauty of Mother Nature. Take a look under the microscope at a zoomed-in version of leaves, flowers, fruit and bugs. Butterflies are exceptionally vital for girls and the color palette is of soft citrus. Scientific sketches are also relevant, as botany study is rife for SS16.

Sea Creatures

This trend is great for all ages, illustrated and photo real versions are equally relevant. Key images, which are most fitting for girls, and also offer something new include jellyfish, seahorses, coral and koi fish. The fish takes on a particularly Asian sensibility.

Story Time

Story Time is a more traditional and very cute trend for the season, where we see clothing telling a story. Clothes display little scenes playing out, each print has a particular style, although always illustrated, as we see little characters in the world they live in.

Boys’ Trend Direction
For Boys, designs are inspired by a love for travel and again also the ocean is a recurring theme.

Sea Life
Sea and be seen. The Sea Life trend hooks into the universal childhood appeal of life under the water. It’s about all things underwater with sharks, corals, jellyfish, crabs and octopuses grabbing the fabric this spring. Prints are photographic as well as illustrated and diagraphic.

Traveler’s Notebook

One of the strongest pattern expressions for Spring, Travelers Notebook takes us on an adventurous tour of vast places as we imagine being a travel writer; of all the places we would travel to and of all the encounters we would jot down. Map prints are still relevant, although postage stamps and hand-written notes are what is inspiring us. Trompe-Loeil designs of backpacks and travel essentials are also a nice addition for boys.

Tropical Vacation
The moody undercurrent to the tropical theme was what inspired us for boys. The imagery is of the expected hibiscus florals, palm leaves and tropical birds, but the color palette is muted and less saturated.

So now I am fully up to speed with the trends I have a date with my iPad and a pile of the latest catalogues to seek out this seasons choices for Lil H and Diva G … I will be back with a post with my top picks …

What will your little one be wearing this season? And where do you shop? Please share your thoughts and go to shopping places with me …


Images courtesy of Fashion Snoops