Miffy is one of those characters that feature in childhoods across generations, she featured in mine and now my daughters. Miffy turns 60 in 2015 and she hasn’t aged a bit having had a far reaching “career” taking her out of her original books to toys, games, clothes and there’s even a Miffy Movie! This iconic illustration is available to adorn the walls in your home. Ideal for childrenโ€™s spaces and easy to fix, a range of eye-catching wall tiles featuring Dick Brunaโ€™s classic character Miffy are now available from http://www.ixxidesign.com/

Miffy Wall Art Child Bedroom Nursery
You can choose from a wide selection of Dick Brunaโ€™s distinctive images of the little white bunny. You can pick an existing wall design, such as a poster-style single image, height chart or collage, or you can customise your own creation to fit the available space. The modular wall system designed in the Netherlands, uses durable, waterproof paper squares and connecting crosses. You can choose the detail, shape and size of the IXXI. The tiles are easy to put up (a complete assembly kit is included) and do not require nails in the wall. They can also be changed over time, with new ones added, thereby ensuring a fresh, updated interior.

Miffy Wall Art Child PlayroomMiffy Wall Art Family HomeI think they are super cute – what say you?