I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure. What am I talking about? Which Netflix movies to view, that’s what. I scroll and I add to list and I reckon I spend as much time choosing what to watch as I do actually viewing! I am getting better though, here are some ways I have found to help me stop scrolling and get viewing…

1. Build your own Netflix list and see what Netflix is recommending from you existing viewing choices.

2. Search for #StreamTeam check out the blog posts for recommendations and follow this team of avid Netflixers. You can see my recommendations here.

3. Use IMDB for what’s popular, what’s rated, what’s recommended for you, other movies actors have starred in etc.


4. Check out fan site and apps such as Netflix Roulette, this is a fan created solution to suggest a movie, however there isn’t any “quality control” so you may get a duff one! Another fan site “What is on Netflix” highlights the best ranked movies on Metacritic, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes that are streamed on Netflix – great quality choices and recommendations, the but is that it is based on the US Netflix database so from time to time a suggested movie isn’t available on UK Netflix.


5. Check out Tim Robey’s regularly updated guide to the best movies on Netflix UK published by The Telegraph, the list “The 85 best movies on Netflix UK” has uncovered some real movie gems for me.


So, when it comes to Netflix movies, tell me, how do you pick yours?


P.s. I am not being paid by Netflix, as a member of their Stream Team, I have been given a year of Netflix service. All viewing choices and opinions are my own.