I have almost seven years under my belt as a mummy. Lil H turns seven at Easter and Diva G is four and a half, going on twenty four! So what actually does motherhood mean? Β This is the question posed by Pink Lining, designers of stylish changing bags and bags for stylish mums living a family life, to celebrate Mother’s Day… in no more than six words …

My definition of mother is someone who loves unconditionally, someone who puts the needs of her children above her own through affection, words and actions. That’s based on the unconditional love and care from my own mother without whom I simply wouldn’t survive. Fact!

Everyday my family life reminds me that everyday is an new adventure to be enjoyed and in and amongst the ups and downs of life most of the stresses and strains are small stuff, the big stuff, the health and happiness of my little family is all that matters.

Being a mother keeps life in proportion.

Every little milestone means something – the first smile, rolling over, sitting up, first steps, riding a bike, mastering times tables – every little moment counts.

I just wish someone would make time stop or a way of stepping back in time so I could go back and enjoy our journey together again and again and again.

I made my babies and they made me back.

How on earth do I get that down to six words? Well I’ve had a go …

Unconditional love, pride, happiness, challenge & adventure

Pink LiningΒ have created a fabulous motherhood video which is worth a watch: