Neither me nor Mr L are into occassions for occassions sake, even the big ones go by with not much more than a bottle of bubbly and maybe a meal out.  Our tenth wedding anniversary is this year, on 23rd August 2013 we will have been wearing our wedding rings for ten years.  We have lived in one flat, two houses, we have had five jobs, many more holidays and created two beautiful children, around whom our lives now revolve.  There really is not much to complain about, but being ambitious and human we naturally do!

I was invited to participate in the Wedding Rings Direct Blogger Challenge to come up with a list of inspired wedding anniversary gift ideas for him, for her, or for a special couple for the first five years here’s the traditional and the modern list:

Year             Traditional           Modern
1st                  Paper                          Clocks
2nd                Cotton                        China
3rd                 Leather                      Crystal/Glass
4th                 Fruit/Flowers          Appliances
5th                 Wood                         Silverware

Here is my take on Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas – it goes without saying diamonds are appropriate whatever the year!

1st – whatever it is you didn’t get but really wanted from your wedding list – for him it would be Lafuma RSXA Recliner Chair – Seigle reclining sun-loungers, somewhere to read the papers in the sunshine!

For me to mark that first paper milestone any kind of new notebook or stationery would be great, I am currently using, loving and gifting Happy Jackson stationery.

2nd – My vote is for clothes!  We always stock up on great new cotton T-shirts and clothes whilst we are down in Cornwall, you can’t beat the beach and surf wear our favourite store Anne’s Cottage and our loyalty card has certainly racked up some extra points in the last week, this ONeill sweater is coming home with Mr L this year and I live in Seafolly Combat dresses in all colours all summer!






3rd – Our anniversary is at the end of Summer to mark an anniversary with leather new boots would be good, shoes and boots are always good, for the Autumn and Winter ahead.  All Saints would be my first port of call for us both …

4th – a few years ago I went back to the florist who did our wedding flowers and had a bouquet made with the same flowers that had decorated the venue on our wedding day – white roses, white hydrangeas, agapanthus.  As we disappeared on honeymoon we only really had one day with them so it was lovely to enjoy them again.

5th – For wood the answer is easy, we have both been coveting this table for a number of years by Nicholas Langan.  The footprints contoured into the top surface are also carved out of the underside so it looks like the table has been walked on and the surface has been pushed through.  When we win the lottery we will commission this made with our own family of footprints.  It’s an IOU type of anniversary gift!

This post was written as an entry to the Wedding Rings Direct Blogger Challenge, I am in with a chance of winning a £250 voucher to spend on their jewellery *fingers crossed* as ten years of marriage and two kids later something new and sparkly would be wonderful!

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