It’s always nice and refreshing to review a movie that’s not aimed at the kids and this week I watched “Now is good” from Warner brothers. I do enjoy a chick flick which this is, but not the romantic comedy sort. “Now is good” is about a teenager girl with a terminal illness. It was a good surprise to hear British accents and see Britain’s beautiful landscapes in a movie and “Now is good” is set in Brighton.

Make your way to the sofa with your popcorn and don’t forget the tissues – you’re going to need them! Dakota Fanning plays the central role of Tessa, who is determined to live every last moment to the max creating a “bucket list” of the things she wants to experience including losing her virginity and taking drugs. Needless to say this list is not one her family are aware of, or helpful in her achieving, but her friend Zoey is there to help her reach her goals including a few that weren’t on the list like falling in love with her neighbour.

Young love, family dynamics, young death and parental grief. It took my breath away leaving me sobbing on the sofa at the end. “Now is Good” was released on DVD & the other usual formats on 21st January 2013 and is well worth a watch.