Our home development is significant there is no denying that, having worked up the ground floor and first floor plans my ability to visualise what the actual house will look like is zero!  Luckily Innex Design know exactly how to help their clients see what home their designs will create.  So lets start at the front of with the current house as it is today:

From the front all the development is to the left, the elevation below unwraps the side of the garage which is along our boundary to our left hand neighbours so what is actually visible is the garage door and new window on the ground floor and two new windows on the first floor and lots of new roof, lets not forget lots of new roof!

Here’s the back on the ground floor the living room to the left, kitchen in the middle, back door and utility room to the right.

The proposed new rear elevation I am a lot in love with, I mean just look at it?

What can I say about the new look at the back of the house – bi-folds, bi-folds and another bi-folds – what’s not to love?  Well the cost I suppose but what price should you pay for making yours dreams a reality?  Well I’ll let you know!    

I’d love to hear what you think, any advice or any recommended suppliers – let me know your thoughts.

Here are the links to the proposed ground floor and first floor plans.