Last weekend Lil H went to another bloody birthday party, all classmates at a local soft play centre, I thought I’d see how he would feel about being dropped off and left as 2 minutes away was M&S and I could use those two hours very wisely in there!

Me:  So all your friends from school are going to there?

H:  Yes *reels off long list of names*

Me:  And you know the other mummies that are there too?

H:  Yes *reels off long list of his friends mums*

Me:  So I was thinking I could drop you off, pop to the shops whilst you have fun at the party and come back to pick you up at the end?

H:  *l o n g  pause* that’s not a good idea mummy

Me:  Why?

H:  *l o n g  pause* you know what you’re like mummy

Me:  What?  What do you mean?

H:  You’ll miss me

Me:  No, I know you’re safe and having fun.  I’ll come straight back.

H:  *Sighs* No.  No, because you love me so much you’ll miss me.  I don’t want you to miss me so I need you to stay so I can keep an eye on you and then you won’t be sad.

Me:  *l o n g  pause* OK

We arrived.  He kicked his shoes off.  I didn’t see him again for two hours.

The time will come when he doesn’t want me to stay soon enough so its nice to be wanted, even if it is perceived by my 5 year old, for my own good!  I wasn’t sad much purchasing rubbish over priced coffee spending two hours in soft play hell instead of indulging in a little bit of retail therapy!

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