Tesco-Magazine-Beauty-Awards-2011I do like my cosmetics and have more lotions and potions than I would care to tot up.  My personal collection includes some expensive allergy flair up causing creams, some super cheap uber potions, some “just for fancy dress” honest guv and my faithful “must have more than one” items.   I love getting ready with other girls and seeing the contents of their wash and make up bags – its a bit of a ritual with my bessie mates now – a cosmetic show and tell! 

Sadly I don’t get to meet up with my bessies as often as the three, four of five times a week we used to manage a decade ago, careers, marriages and children challenges our get togethers with miles, money and time.  Nothing can replace these friendships but valued opinions are always welcomed and that is what Tesco are asking you to be the judging panel in their first ever Your beauty awards!  It is what is says, your chance to cast the deciding vote on the little lifesavers and luxuries of 2011. 

Voting for your favourite beauty buys couldn’t be easier.  Simply click here to vote on your stand-out product in each category and by voting you’ll be in with a chance of winning all 55 shortlisted products.  Not just once, or twice or every three times, every week for 16 weeks and even better entries after 29th July are entered into a draw for a luxury seven night holiday in Antigua for two! So, what are you waiting for?   Off you pop and Cast your vote now.  I for one don’t get to see my BFF’s often enough and need to know what you think, thank you and please, Claire x