Saturday was my children’s naming day.  Like the Royal Wedding but not really at all!  We’re not a religious family, we married in a Civial Ceremony and Christening didn’t feel right for us but it didn’t feel right not to do anything either.  For me it was celebrating the arrival of my children and our family with our family and closest friends.  We had a short, 5-10 minute ceremony lead by a family friend, lots of balloons, craft activities, held at the amazing Glo Family venue in Cheadle, with very lovely and talented Camille Wesser taking photo’s to record the day.  We released helium balloons at the end of the ceremony – it was ACE!

No one had attended a Naming Day before but many people left ours saying I want to do this too, I like that.  So what’s a Naming Day?  Here’s the 4 year olds take on a naming day with a conversation overheard with Lil’ H and his friend:

Friend:  Is it your birthday?
Lil’ H:     No, its my naming day
Friend:  But you’ve got a name, its H
Lil’ H:     I know, my name is H
Friend:  But doesn’t everyone know that it’s H?
Lil’ H:     Yes *shrugs* its a mum thing
Friend:  Have you got a cake?
Lil’ H:     Yes my mum’s got a cake
Friend:  Have you got party bags?
Lil’ H:     No we’ve got a sweet shop
Friend:  Cool!  I like naming days!

We didn’t have kids and adults food we had mini everything – fish and chips, burgers, chicken goujons, prawn cocktails etc. the food prepared by Glo Family was commented on by everyone and there was nothing left.  We didn’t have a cake as such we had mini victoria sponges, strawberry pavlovas, lemon cheesecakes and ice-cream cones.

Then after we’d played, crafted eaten and partied the children opened the sweet shop – manned by my beautiful god daughters and full of childhood memories … the dads quaffed “Fizz Whizz” popping candy and naughty mummy’s taught their offspring how to fire sweets from a sweetie necklace across the room / at people!

A fantastic time was had by all everyone loved the Glo family venue, the ceremony, the food, the company and I know they’ll love these and all the photo’s Camille took on the day – best decision ever as I took a big fat zero!  It was a huge success, I am really glad I did it, now I have recovered from the hangover.

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