So a couple of weeks ago Lil H & I spent a FABULOUS morning with the team at Kellogg’s and lots of lovely bloggers. Check out this post  to see the beautiful bloggers with links to all their Snap, Crackle & Blog posts.

Mum bloggers were there because mums rock and make the world go round, well maybe that too, but mainly as the key household decision makers and primary feeders of the family.

Salt and sugar levels in cereal was discussed early on with the overriding perception being that they were high. My take is that breakfast cereals are one of, if not the, largest food categories. This makes them one of the largest and highest profile media targets to raise awareness of healthy dietary advice to reduce salt and sugar intakes. The reality at Kellogg’s is that enormous reductions in salt and sugar levels, over 50% in some products, have been made and Kellogg’s has a committed and ongoing programme to focus on continued reductions without compromising taste.

Sara one of the team of nutritionists shocked the room with the stats that 1 in 6 children skip breakfast and that £646million (of parents hard earned NET income, makes me want to weep!) is spent on sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks on the way to school. OMG! Sometimes time is short at Lancaster Towers on a pre-school morning and that’s where cereal bars are particularly useful – an alfresco breakfast on the school run. Lil H regards this as a special treat which is interesting given an alfresco breakfast to means we are seriously running late which is not a treat in my book!

I checked on the milk recommendations as I’ve just moved Baby G from formula to whole milk and shall switch over to semi-skimmed when she turns two. Changing from full fat to semi-skimmed is a lesser known fact, I talked about this before here. Just one more year of more milk types than fridge space for us then, what are you pouring on your Cornflakes? We ate and took home lots of cereal and cereal bars, Kellogg’s new Coco Pops Choc ‘n’ Roll is crunchier and less sweet than Coco Pops now Mr L’s favourite with milk and Baby G has them dry as a snack. Lil H does Cornflakes but likes to stick Choc ‘n’ Roll as wheels on his artistic efforts.

Of all the information shared during the morning when Greg Pearson, Managing Director of Kellogg’s in the UK told us “doing whats right for the population is right Kellogg’s” was the key thought for me. Kellogg’s are focussed on doing the right thing for families and are very much on our side.

Kellogg’s hosted the best blog event I have yet to have the pleasure of attending, Lil H had a blast in the crèche – thanks so much to everyone involved in organising the day – it really was great.

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