Well they make me feel good anyway.  The lovely folks at Interflora spotted I was having a pretty tough week last week and sent me a bouquet – how nice is that?!  I need to bring you up to speed on what’s going on with me, us, life at Lancaster Towers and I will in more detail I promise, but for I had a tough week last week. 

To be honest I was, no other word for it, whingeing about it on Twitter.   I am trying to get back to work, I landed a big proposal, Mr L was supposed to be home was away again.  It was the second week of our new childcare arrangements (which are totally brilliant) but it all felt a bit new, mixed with meetings, deadlines and professional work wardrobe, nothing f*cking fits, clothing and footwear dilemmas!  OMG do not look at my feet, these boots are made for the noughties and I should be shot!  So last week it felt all a bit out of control and overwhelming.  I worked until 3am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, juggled the kids, made the deadlines, no one died and we all lived happily ever after! 

There was a silver lining around this cloud in the form of a rather beautiful bouquet!

Happiness in a bouquet by Interflora

Thank you Interflora, yes it absolutely made my day, it cheered me up no end, I continue to enjoy them, 6 days on and they are all still blooming lovely.  Thank you for the flowers and reminding me how lovely it is to receive them. 

*Ahem* Mr L – you seem to have a been excessively absent this term – you might want to take note!  So tell me does your husband buy you flowers?