Like most I have a bizillion photo’s on my computer and not enough time so I am only able to join in The Gallery when I know exactly which shot I want to use and write about otherwise I lose hours in my photo files!  This weeks prompt is Self Portrait.  Like most mums I am behind the camera or changing the baby, or prepping the lunch when the kodak moments happen.  I rarely have my hair, make up or am wearing an outfit I want to be photographed in so I am typically more absent than present.   

I do make a point of quite often lying down with the children and doing some “self takes” – you know where you hold the camera out in front of you and take the shot with everyone crammed in on a wing & a prayer that you’ll all be in it?!  I have always had a fondness for “self takes” originally done travelling and in bars and nightclubs with pals but now on my living room floor or on our bed with my babes is way more fun.  My H & G love it and they capture some of the best expressions you’d never get from behind the lens.  Have a go I recommend them & leave me a comment and a link if you post yours up as I’d love to see!

Between now and next Birthday / Christmas I am coveting a Samsung ST550 Digital Compact camera, yes I’ve got a Canon EOS digital SLR & a Sony Cyber Shot compact but this new Samsung has a screen on the front as well as the back – my self take gallery can only get better! 

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