Baby G is 8 weeks old now and has been called up tomorrow for her first lot of jabs, not a nice Mummy moment.  I found it pretty distressing first time around with Lil’ H and I remember I wrote an email for friends would had also become first time mums just a few months behind me to help them along.  I’ve dug out that email to remind myself and have prescribed myself a dose of my own advice … thought I’d post it as it may help others and I’d welcome other tips about managing babes during and after immunisations….

Dear Mummy Friends,
I hope this finds you well, I thought the information below might be helpful for you and your babes as you approach their vaccinations. 
Having Hugo vaccinated was a big deal for me and I really debated whether to or not, I mention this because I was pretty agitated this morning having spent a good few weeks making the decision (and by the way it is yet another no win catch 22 one!) and Lil’ H definitely picked up on it so my top tip number would be for you to stay very calm. 
OK so here is what Lil’ H had, how the vaccinations were given and how I managed him with them …
At 2 months they have two jabs – one in each thigh, the first contains Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Hib, Polio and Meningitis C and the second contains the Pneumococcal vaccine.  About 1/2 an hour before I gave him a dose ( 2.5ml) of Calpol, no idea how much he got as he spat loads out but I think it helped.  The first jab he didn’t seem to notice (he was already crying though so it was hard to tell) the second one does hurt them, it stings apparently and he definitely felt it as he gave the hideous “silent scream”!  I held him on my knee, they gave the first jab, I turned him round and they gave the second.  Top tip would be to dress him in something that isn’t too fiddly to get the legs out of – if its warm just a vest or sunsuit would be perfect.  Lots of cuddles and kisses straight after and I went to another room immediately to feed him at the health centre before going home – I think this is quite important as it is a shock for them.  I fed him again when we got home to get him off to sleep, my friend came over and gave him a Bowen treatment for shock.  He has definitely been more touchy today, wanting to be held and he was crying more than normal today and it was difficult to settle him up to about 5pm.  After that the evening and bedtime was normal. 
So tips are…
1.  Stay calm, it helped me to have Mr L there too.
2.  Dress babe in something easy to get his legs in and out of.
3.  Calpol 20-30 mins before the jab
4.  Feed babe immediately afterwards
5.  Lots of cuddles – skin to skin is also recommended so you could plan to return home and both go to bed for the rest of the day.
Hope it helps. 
Claire xxx