I am always really keen to help support mummy run businesses (so if this describes you please do get in touch). 

Well I’m very pleased for a friend of mine, Lisa, who has recently launched a new website:  www.alderleyedge.com and am posting this to request a few minutes of your time to click the link and check it out! 
This is a community driven web site offering news, views, useful information, and discussion on the things that matter to those that live, work and socialise in Alderley Edge so for many of you will be of local interest as well as potentially a great route to this local market for those of you with business here.  You can also register on the site which is super fast to register and since doing so I have already had some great dining special offers which have been certainly worth the minute of my time to do so!  
Please direct any feature, editorial suggestions, opinions, questions, feedback, thoughts and ideas to lisa@alderleyedge.com 

Claire x
p.s.  Please feel free to review on your own blogs etc. and help spread the word that www.alderleyedge.com is there!

Sharing in the local knowledge at www.alderleyedge.com



Share in the local knowledge at www.alderleyedge.com