Do you know what is in your serum or other skincare products? If you haven’t stopped to take a look at exactly what is in those bottles, jars and tubs on your dressing tables and in your bathroom it is about time you did. I have been a dedicated user of plant based skincare for coming up three years now and I am not alone. According to the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic-certification body, the organic beauty and wellbeing sector grew 13 per cent in the last year. It’s not just what is in the products but how they are produced that matters to me and they must be cruelty free, no exceptions and this pretty much rules out all high street brands. Sad that in 2017 this remains true.

Angela Langford, a passionate and talented cook who was also a Masterchef Finalist, has launched her own range of natural and organic skincare. Creating skincare products using the best ingredients from nature.  What was originally just a hobby to supply some creams and oils to herself and her immediate family, it quickly escalated to friends and friends of friends – to a point where the original Angela Langford brand was born.

I love do love to try a new product so I was pleased when Angela Langford sent me her “A Little Lift” serum to try. The serum is made from botanical super ingredient electric daisies which are mixed with frankincense, pumpkin seed, argan & hyaluronic acid to nourish, refine & hydrate your skin.

A quick word from me about Hyaluronic acid – I know that a serum withoutHyaluronic acid will do nothing for me and in my opinion if you are using a serum that doesn’t have Hyaluronic acid in it you are wasting your money. Same goes for your primer by the way. Hyaluronic acid isn’t harsh or skin-stripping, it’s the exact opposite – a powerful humectant (aka moisture-binding ingredient) that keeps skin plump and hydrated and, yes, young-looking. It is one of the skincare ingredients we know absolutely does it’s job so look out for it on your products ingredient listings.

Angela says… “This is your recipe if your skin is losing elasticity or tone, in need of plumping or firming.”

To use you apply after cleansing to your face, neck & décolletage and  follow with a few drops of your favourite face oil or moisturiser. This product can be used in the morning & again at night.

The pump dispenses just the right amount of product for an application. Whilst the directions say use under moisturiser I often have gone straight to my make up base. I have also found it a great refresh dabbed on over make up at the end of the day, something about it’s fragrance is very calming too! This serum absorbs quickly and smooths the skin as well as plumping and firming my complexion.

At £31 it’s a good value serum made from natural ingredients and it certainly does what it promises in terms of plumping and firming.

A Little Lift is priced at £31 and available to buy at

A Little Lift
Plumping & firming face serum with pumpkin, frankincense & electric daisy