It is a norm to use prints and poster for home decor, nothing can beat the aesthetic value of a painting created by an artist. The more chaotic the world gets, the more important art becomes as art has a magical effect on the mind of the beholder.

Here are some reasons why you need to hang paintings in your home:

1.    Art is a Sound Investment

Do you know that millions of pounds worth of paintings were originally sold for a few pennies? Purchasing a high-quality painting by an emerging or established artist is a very good investment. From a financial point of view, a good painting should rise in value over time as the reputation and standing of the artist grows. The increment in amount depends on the level of accomplishment of the artist. Even if it only rises a little, it is still a good investment.


2.    The Joy of Shopping for Art

We all like to feel good, and hanging a painting on a wall often gives people immense pleasure. The excitement of searching and deciding is a rewarding experience. Collecting art has become a pleasant addiction for many appreciators. A good painting can generate feelings of happiness, nostalgia, remembrance and joy each time you look at it in your home. Don’t know where to look for quality paintings? I’d strongly recommend the website where you’ll be able to find a diverse range of paintings from hundreds of artists.

3.    Art Gives Life to a Room

A good painting can light up a room and enhance the aesthetic value of any space. A painting can affect the mood and temperament of people in the room. It can complement or contrast with the surrounding and if brought to blend with the décor, it is likely to add finishing touches to any room.

4.    A Painting Has No Expiration Date

Paintings are one thing that you will never get bored of. It tends to become a significant part of your day-to-day life. Clothes go out of fashion, cars break down and furniture wears down, but a great painting continues to live for generations – telling its unique story to every viewer.


5.    Art Is a Great Conversation Starter

Paintings always serve as a great icebreaker for first time visitors. It is hard not to notice a great piece of art and a fine piece is admired by everyone. Abstract art in particular, is a great conversation starter and gives an impression of uniqueness and individuality.

6.    A Positive Ground for Creative Minds

As the world seems to lose its way, art provides a feeling of positivity and fertile ground for the creative minds out there. Art has the power to relieve stress and keep us grounded. Art is a universal language and a great painting is a skilful execution of ideas with every stroke telling its own story. A painting provides a way of looking at life from a different perspective and is one of the tenets of happiness.

A painting will enrich your life and add value, beauty, and interest to any room. Now that you can shop online you have all the reasons to buy a painting for your home.