Keeping your tyres in good condition is not just about complying with the law when driving around. Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car’s safety system, so knowing how to make sure they are in working order is essential if you want to maintain safe motoring – something that anyone who drives with kids in the back ought to consider to be a top priority. Think of your cars’ tyres as being of equal importance to that of a child safety seat, for instance.

Check Tyre Pressure

Inspect your tyres regularly. Kicking your tyres once in a while to see if they need pumping up is not enough to be safe. Check the pressure properly every few times you fill your tank. The correct pressure level is usually found in the passenger door jamb or under the filling cap cover. Correctly pressurised tyres allow you to brake and to corner much more safely.

Select the Right Tyres

Select the best tyres that you can afford. It is true to say that many of us opt for budget tyres when the old ones have become worn out, but these can sometimes be something of a false economy. Not only do branded tyres – such as Kingstar, Apollo and Uniroyal – tend to last longer, but they often handle better in poor weather conditions. Therefore, it is frequently better to buy them from a reputable source; Point S car tyre dealers allow you to check out the entire range and book tyres and fitting appointments online without any prior payment.

Check for Tyre Wear

Look out for cracks and bulges. Older tyres show more obvious signs of wear, such as the tread becoming worn down to form bald patches. These are extremely dangerous and you should change your tyres well before they reach such an unsafe and illegal level. However, many of us only look at the tread and don’t examine the sides of our cars’ tyres. These often show tell tale signs of wear, too. Cracks and unsightly bulges can form and these are just as problematic for safe driving as worn tread. Look right underneath your car, inspecting the inner part of the tyre as well as the outer rim. Cracking and bulging could mean you are in line for a blow out – something you don’t want to face when motoring at high speeds on the motorway with kids in the back.

Spare Tyres

Lastly, keep a high visibility jacket and a warning triangle in your boot along with your spare. If you ever need to change a tyre in an emergency, you’ll be glad of these simple safety devices which help keep you and your young passengers protected from other road users.


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