The temperatures outside seem to finally have fallen to almost winter levels, the rain is most certainly falling in buckets and staying warm and cosy is still a priority.

Hot water bottles make me uneasy – boiling water, rubber and beds. It’s a No from me. Wheat pillows that heat up in the microwave where you cook food, my microwave is not cleaned often enough to be fit for this purpose. So it is also a No from me. Technology has moved forward when it comes to keeping cosy and I was really pleased to be asked to try out the Dreamland Heatpod.

dreamland heatpodIt charges up in 5 minutes, heats up to temperature over the next 10 minutes, lives in a cosy faux fur cover and stays warm for a good couple of hours. We’ve only had it a week and used it so many times already:

  1. At bedtime to warm up the beds before getting in and to snuggle up with.
  2. At a ChillFactorE snow party at to warm everyone back up afterwards.
  3. At Sunday morning rugby for me as a spectator and then for Mr H post match!
  4. In the office, every day! We have high ceilings, it gets chilly and hats and fingerless gloves have been used! The Heatpod is regularly passed around the team most days at the moment!
  5. As a gift, this is heading to a couple of pals already and perfect for mothers day and for those with birthdays over the winter months.

Here is the Heatpod in action at the office!

Dreamland Heatpod at work

The heatpod is priced £39.99, is available in two colours, chocolate and slate grey from Lakeland & John Lewis.

This post was written in collaboration with Dreamland Heatpod who sent me a Heatpod to try. All opinions are my own. Always. And I only EVER write about products or brands I actually like and think you will like too.