There’s little about the current house, as it is, that I like.  The house we are saving to start developing is the one I love, here’s the house plans.  Knowing that almost every room is changed by the redevelopment leaves little in the way of mini projects. Anything we do is going to be undone as walls are knocked down and rooms change use.  The only rooms we’ve done are the kids bedrooms and we did them the day we got the keys making their rooms fab for them to move straight into.  The kids have the best rooms in the house, as it should be, but it’s getting me down.

Not having any space I like has left me with a desire to make something over that can no longer be suppressed!  So over Christmas I decided to makeover the downstairs loo, after all it is possibly the most visited room in the house by both residents and guests!

Our  starting point is orange, very orange, very very orange indeed!  Whilst I like a bit of colour this room has been most certainly tangoed by the previous owners – brace yourself here’s the before photograph:

photo 1

I wanted the makeover to cost as little as possible as this room gets completely knocked down come redevelopment time.  I wanted it to look fresh, clean, modern and cost nothing – I love a good challenge!  We had white paint, a mirror I had acquired from a skip – what?  Yes I rescued it from a skip!  There were a couple of leftovers from jobs my husband had undertaken for clients, a huge and fabulous tile and a roll of funky geometric Harlequin array wallpaper.  Here’s a close up of the wallpaper, what do you think?

photo 5

My plan was coming together and I had my vision for the room, for it to be a clean, white space with a funky feature wallpaper on the back wall.  I wanted to add texture with the large tile as a splash back, adding light and the illusion of more space with the large mirror.   The biggest challenge of all was getting back to white walls, I thought it would take two coats it actually took four, yes four coats of paint!  Here’s the room in its now white state with the mirror and the tile, which is a pearlescent white, as a splash back:

photo 4

I’m pleased, really pleased with the new look, achieved in 48 hours with my super skilled joiner husband, swing by and like his Facebook page Rob Lancaster Joinery, Fitting, Fixing!  A few finishing touches are outstanding – a light fitting, a toilet roll holder and I am contemplating a vinyl sticker for the mirror that says “Hello beautiful!” – a nice touch or tacky or a waste of a tenner on a free mirror?  I have my eyes peeled for the right bargains.

Right now this transformation cost time and that’s all, so, what do you think?  Worth the effort even if it does get knocked down in 12 months time?  Let me know your thoughts…