We have celebrated Diva G’s birthday this last weekend.  Three years old.  Wow!  Diva G has changed so much in the last year and it really hit home when her thank you cards arrived today.  I have followed a similar design to last years and you how she looks and what she likes shows just how the trace’s of baby have pretty much completely gone.  I get a glimpse of them only at the very end of the day when she is super tired.  Here’s her last year:

Diva G 2011

What a grown up girl she is now, both in how she looks and the things she likes.  This year she was able to tell me definitively what she loves and wanted to be featured on her card!

Diva G 3rd Birthday

Diva G has had the wonderful birthday almost week of parties and far too many presents to mention.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little girl xxx

Hope you like the cards, I *heart* stationery!