Its official we’re moving – this week contracts were exchanged on the sale of our current home Lancaster Towers and the purchase of … erm … what to call it … how about “Villa Lancaster”?  It’s a mere 0.3 miles away from where we are now, so suffice to say not much changes in terms of friends, shops, schools etc. but its a new front door behind which is a whole heap of potential dressed up in 1980’s finest.  

We’ve lived at Lancaster Towers for 9 years and we have re-done it from top to bottom, inside and out all ourselves.  Lancaster Towers is a tall town house and Villa Lancaster is a wide house, it’s on a great south facing plot, a great garden for my smalls and with a garage for bikes, scooters and the like!  I wish I had taken the time to at least photograph the before and after transformations, now I blog so I am going to blog our journey to our new house and its transformation into our home.  It will be a journey, the house purchase blows all our savings, so we’ll be taking our time but the planning, considering, choosing is all so much fun – I see a lot of mood boards in my future! 

We are leaving behind underfloor heating, stair lighting, a Quooker boiling water kettle tap, a Miele dishwasher *sobs*, a Whirlpool American Fridge Freezer, a Bosch washing machine and John Lewis tumble drier.  I have all my laundry kit upstairs – carrying the washing downstairs is just ridiculous in my opinion – I will have to get used to that though but first I will need a washing machine to carry laundry to! 

You see Villa Lancaster has got a lot of “spaces” and I don’t just mean the rooms, the garden or the garage which it does have – I mean literally “spaces” for a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, microwave – having sold all my appliances with Lancaster Towers are they were all built in my first challenge is to get me some white goods.  I’m off to measure up (and take photo’s!) at the new place on Tuesday 19th July and we move on Monday 25th July so time is of the essence, just a tad! 

I need to know what you are using, liking, disappointed by, lusting over when it comes to Fridges, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers and microwaves?   Chest Freezers – yes or no?  I’m watching some appliances on eBay – what do we think people, good or naff idea?