This is a post about saving lives and making a differencepampers.  So if you will be so kind may I have your attention for a few short minutes?  Sitting comfortably?  Then I will begin …

Pampers and Unicef have been joint forces for a number of years now in their “Gift of Life” campaign to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus. Each year tetanus kills 128,000 mothers and babies in the developing world.  We don’t have to worry about it in the UK because of the national vaccination programme starting when babies are 8 weeks old, something we possibly take for granted.  Pampers support Unicef’s programme by donating donate the cost of a vaccine for every one pack sold to Unicef. This is the third year they’ve run the campaign and have so far donated the funding for 200 million tetanus vaccines. You can read more about this on the Unicef website.

If you don’t buy Pampers because your children are older, you prefer cloth or other nappy brands or are not a fan of corporate-charity tie-ins then you can support Unicef directly here. Supporting the cause and raising awareness of the issues and Unicef’s work is the priority.  Whatever your views, I ask every reader of this post to click here for a free song download which will donate a vaccine to the Gift For Life campaign at no cost to you.

Lots of fellow bloggers have been promoting and spreading the word about this campaign and I’d like to thank BabyRambles for tagging me with this Gift for Life meme.  So I am passing the baton onwards and here are the rules:

1 Open the virtual Gift For Life by going here
2 Write a small post on the campaign
3 Pass on to at least 5 other bloggers
4 Add the campaign badge to your sidebar
5 Feel incredibly proud that you are helping to make a difference!

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