Tomorrow I am taking my only just two year old son H to a private clinic for a chicken pox jab – I have debated this with my husband, myself, my mother, myself, my friends, myself and just about any other person that will stand still long enough!   I hate having jabs myself yet find myself not only voluntarily taking my son for an additional one but also paying for it too – I have surprised myself that’s for sure. 

I’m happy with the decision for H to have the jab it is for all the right reasons for him and our family but as always I am not looking forward to the actual event – I have worked out easy leg access clothing for H and have my bag packed with homepathic remedies (for both of us!) to help, plus calpol & neurofen, dummies, chocolate, have held back some birthday gifts for extra treats and will be heading straight round to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for some extra cuddles & spoiling. 

Wish me luck – I’ll report back on the experience!  Cx