While Christmas and New Year can distract us from the cold weather for a short period of time, when it’s all over, there isn’t a lot that can keep those winter blues away. Except for maybe a holiday. Booking and planning your summer holiday for 2020 gives you and your family something to look forward to during this dreary time of year. And what could be better than choosing to go to Florida, Orlando?

There is so much to see and do, so Florida offers something for everyone. However, if you have never been before, then it can be a little overwhelming. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about booking your holiday to Florida.

How Long Should You Go For?

Most people will usually go on holiday for a week as this provides a long enough break that you will return feeling refreshed and ready to face normality. However, a trip to Florida will require some extra days, simply because of how long it will take you to get there from the UK. The flight takes 9 hours, and in the first few days after landing in Florida, you might find yourself experiencing jet lag. So to ensure that you enjoy the entire holiday, it is recommended to book a two-week break to Florida instead of one week.

Purchase Tickets Online

Like many things, you often find that things are cheaper online, and tickets to the famous theme parks are no different. If you were to book combined Universal Studios tickets for the whole family, you could find yourself saving a lot of money. A deal like this offers you three park tickets for the price of two. This is the best way to explore Universal Orlando Resorts, as it allows you to explore the parks over a period of 14 days.

You could even see if you have the budget for fast track passes, as these are sure to be useful when queuing up for all those rides that the kids want to go on.


When it comes to booking accommodation, the options are almost endless. You could choose to stay in Cinderella’s Castle or the Animal Lodge in Disney World Resort, or you could book yourself into the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort and introduce your children to the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

However, if you don’t fancy staying in the resort, there are many hotels that are not too far away from the world-famous parks and are easily accessible by public transport or car. If you wanted, you could even stay in a home from home by opting for one of the many villas Florida has to offer. This is ideal if you have small children and want to have some private time as a family.

Getting Around

As touched upon briefly, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get to the parks because of the public transport that runs to and from the parks; they even provide shuttle buses to and from the different parks, so if you’re staying in Disney but have tickets to the Universal Studios, you can travel with ease. However, if you are staying a little further afield in a villa, or you have young children, you might be better off hiring a car.

Everything You Need to Know About Booking a Holiday to Florida