I have worked in marketing for over 20 years. Before I had my kids I was office based. Usually my company office, sometimes my clients. I didn’t return to work after having my first baby choosing to go self employed and I began freelancing in 2007.

I worked pretty much exclusively from home for the first five years. Whilst my kids were young I would deliver my work between pre-school sessions and grand-parent childcare. I would “power work” during nap times and work late into the evenings after putting the kids to bed often until after midnight. With pressing deadlines I was also known to set the alarm for a 5am start to get a couple of hours ahead on the day. It was tiring but it allowed me to be present with my babies.

I met the briefs I was set. I met the deadlines. My clients were happy and I won more work. The work got done – that included throwing washing loads in and the odd bit of cooking and housework (housework is not my forte!) Working for myself and from home was great in many ways, but it became isolating and I craved company, colleagues and being part of a team.

A project came about to work with a colleague from days gone by. That developed into a retained relationship and I have been at The PR Boutique for nearly five years working three days a week.  I work with a lovely team. We make each other drinks and share biscuits, gossip and tales from our weekends. I am office based but the office is just a 15 minute walk from the school drop off. Mr H is now 10yo and Diva G is 8yo. I am very grateful to have been able to take them to school every day and also pick them up twice a week too.

Ten years on and I am still freelancing. Three days a week based in an office, two days a week I am home based. I am very grateful for the work life balance this has afforded me whilst my two kids have been very young.

All things considered, I like “going to work” and having an office to head to. That said I am very fortunate to have a 15 minute commute on foot and if / when it comes to commuting again I’d have to have some work from home flexibility for balance. The reality is if you hire a grown up to do a job and the job gets done, where that work is  delivered from is irrelevant. As long as it is on time, on budget and meets the set requirements. What say you?

Do you work from home? Are you office based? What do you prefer? 

This video by www.furniture-work.co.uk brought a smile to my face highlighting the comparison and challenges between working from home or in an office. There’s nothing relaxing about working from home and key point is the job gets done. Enjoy!