The new breakfast favorite on our table is Mini Max by Kellogg’s.  Kellogg’s sent us a sample box of Mini Max, their first new cereal for something crazy like 20 years, absolutely ages ago.

I always judge a consumable test by whether my kids eat more than the first bowl and the sample box or whether I end up finishing it.  Whether when the box is finished it is still requested or they happily return to the usual breakfasts suspects.  Today as I added two boxes of Mini Max to my online shopping order I realised how much of a staple Mini Max has become in this house.  We have the original but Kellogg’s also make a Chocolate Mini Max.  Thanks Kellogg’s Mini Max is a great addition to you family and ours!   Please note you have to be quick to get a piccie of the Mini Max!

Lil H Breakfast Boy

I don’t particularly care about the minutiae of nutritional value, my kids eat a good healthy and balanced diet but if nutritional stats are your thing you can find them here.