I’m very excited to be posting up our first book review – we are big on books at Lancaster Towers.  Lil H completed The Bookstart Book Crawl, not once, not twice but ten times over by the time he was Three years old (please note I take no credit here, his Grandma takes him to the library every week!)

We read at least three books at bedtime and often many more during the day so a new read is always welcome here so when the PR guys supporting Guernsey Post who have recently launched their first children’s book offered to send us a copy of The Adventures of Penny the Postie we were pretty chuffed.  Lil H always loves a parcel in the post!

Penny and the Pirates

This particular Penny adventure is called “Penny and The Pirates” – result – my lil’ H loves a good Pirate tale!  The story starts with the discovery of an old postbox which transports Penny to a desert island where Penny helps one Pirate outwit another to win back his ship from Captain Bullybones, but however will she get back home to Guernsey?  We enjoyed it read it as you do three times back to back when it arrived, but the real test is always if it gets a bedtime request from H – it did!  So it gets the Lancaster Towers Thumbs Up!

The book is aimed at little ones around five years old, my H is coming up 3.5 years old but he is able to concentrate and enjoys longer stories now.  Plus he loves all things Pirate not to mention sharks of which there are some included in the illustrations – this book ticks a whole lot of boxes for Lil’ H.  On the site there are also a series of scenes from the book which you can download, print and colour in which are already printed here ready for the wet days of Autumn and Winter ahead!  Up here for thinking *points at head*, down there for dancing *points to feet*!

You can order your very own copy of Penny and The Pirates online here for just £4.95 which includes a sheet of souvenir stamps, I have a couple of little boys on my Christmas list who love a good Pirate story, this is so new it’s nice to buy a book for Christmas for them that I am certain they won’t already have.