I have had a brilliant 48 hours – I am shattered – but revitalised by some time without children.  So off to London I went on Friday morning.  First error was forgetting my trousers were in the washer and discovering them wet at 06:15 but that’s what tumble driers are for right?  Well 40 mins later and with damp pockets and waistband, they will dry, I left the house.  Hmm it was about 3 degrees outside and I literally steamed all the way to the station – like some sort of walking smoke machine.  I didn’t care I was walking along with no pushchair, no scooter, no little people, no one else.  My little adventure had begun! 

Wilmslow – Crewe.  Crewe – London Euston.  Euston – Earls Court.  I met up with so many people.  First up the lovely Alaina from Manuka Baby we caught up on sales and marketing plans, walked the show together and bought our kids Trunki head rests.  I had lunch with Sian and Nova.  Then bumped into Emma, another Emma, Karin, Carly, Carol, Mummy Matters and Dandy Do Do

Said Hi to the teams at Cosatto, SnoozeShade and Annabel Karmel who were all there too.  My favourite discovery of the show was this beautiful wooden imagination play structure by Rokka – I was seriously very wowed – a boat, a see-saw, a table, a puppet theatre, a kitchen … all in beautiful wood, no plastic *squeals* I’ve never come across anything quite like it.  I HEART ROKKA PLAY!

As the show drew to a close I headed over to my bessie mates to drink fizz eat Bento’s and put my social media marketing world domination plan into action – super exciting – more news soon!  I also ate lots of Chocolate & Love nom nom nom!  On the Saturday I continued South to Brighton for the Twine up… post to follow … for now lets just say it was FANTABULOUS!  Claire x